Thursday, March 5, 2009

New Lyrics

So I've been writing more lately because I want to get back into my own music instead of drowning in other people's music. These are some ideas I have that haven't really been organized or rearranged at all..

Be it now or later
The time will come
Headfirst I'll fly straight into the sun
But before that moment
I'll need to show
I knew all that I could know
Because tomorrow
The world could end in the twinkle of an eye
No time for tears
No time to cry
No time to even wonder why
Hard to believe that all I can see
From the shirt on my back to the shoes on my feet
Are nothing more than gifts to me
From a beautiful Almighty
And yet reality is we're no more than peons
Living lives of years in a world of eons
Searching for signs lit in neon
Saying "Happiness over here"
No eternal reward can forgive us now for wasting away the dawn
So until the time I meet my maker the world will have to go on
---------(really like this)-----------
And what's even more
In a world of war
The closing doors and falling floors
Leave nothing there worth fighting for
No number of years or successful careers
Can chase away unhappy tears
Caused by giving way to fears
That linger in your soul

Weirdly, though the order of the lyrics is strictly based on how it came through my mind and out onto the paper, as I was typing out the lyrics just now and saying them in my head I really enjoyed the spontaneity. Anyways, just some material.

Check this out..

"O Love That Will Not Let Me Go" by David Phelps

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