Saturday, March 7, 2009

Homeward Bound

First and foremost, Megabus officially has my business for good seeing as all buses are locked and loaded with free Wi-Fi and they actually let you on the bus that you reserved a ticket for (unlike Greyhound and Lucky Star that put you in a line and put you on the first bus available regardless of the time). 

On my way back to Beantown after a great night in NYC. Anyone who is in NoHo needs to go to Panchito's for pitchers of sangria and Silver Spurs for their wonderful "frenchie toasties." 

Also, anyone looking for a great show to see at a cheap price: Sessions - A New Musical! I just saw it tonight and it was a fantastic find. Off-Broadway, it has student tickets for $20 (we were third row) and the show is really refreshing. It was extremely prevalent and the music was gorgeous. It's also a nice chance to check out Ken Jennings (the original Toby in Sweeney Todd) for a nice reasonable price, not to mention that he is brilliant. 

Time to fall asleep against a window with my jacket as a pillow...

"It's not logical, it's psychological.."

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